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During the restoration process in Queens home

The Water Damage Restoration Process

Our team at SERVPRO of New Hyde Park goes through a detailed six-step process to remediate any water damage found in your home. This includes removing water and removing damaged materials from the property, like we did in this photo. We work quickly to remove damaged materials and replace them with something new. 

Source of water damage in home

Water Damage Source in Home

Water Damage Inspection Finds

During the inspection process, our team at SERVPRO of New Hyde Park found that old plumbing and piping was the cause of some of the water damages. We always look for the source during our inspections. This helps us eliminate any possibility for continued water damage. 

Finding water damage in the closet

Detailed Inspection for Water Damage

Trust the Experts at SERVPRO

Our team at SERVPRO of New Hyde Park completes a thorough inspection of your property before we begin restoration. We look for the smallest of details, making sure we find all hidden and covered water damage. We found water damage in this small closet! 

Hidden water damage

Old Water Damage

Restoration Services Near You

If water damage has been left for too long, an odor and mold can begin to form on the property. That's why it's important to contact our team at SERVPRO of New Hyde Park immediately after discovering water damages. We have a thorough water loss restoration process

Bathroom with flood cuts.

Sewage Overflow in New Hyde Park

Sewage, Flooding, and Hoarding

This home in New Hyde Park had a sewage leak and it quickly flooded the home. Additionally, there was some hoarding in this home. Between the sewage flooding and the hoarding, this was a big job. We came in, cleaned up the mess and restored the home back to normal.

Duster covered in smoke damage.

Cleaning Smoke Damage off of Window Blinds

Smoke Damage in Home 

Homes or businesses that catch on fire not only have the fire damage from the actual alone, but they also have smoke damage that needs to be taken care of. We have the tools and equipment to do it.

Mold growth on ceiling.

Some Mold Can Be Harmful

Remediation Services

If your home in Bellrose suffers from mold damage, don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO team a call for all your mold damage remediation and cleanup needs! This home called us as soon as the owner found this mold infestation on the ceiling and within the walls. 

Mold and water damage in room with containment

First Signs of Water Damage

Emergency Remediation 

Water damage can easily lead to mold damage if the water is not properly handled in a timely manner. That is what happened to this home, and you can see the damage is extensive. It is important to call our SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola when noticing the first signs of water damage!

Water damage and flood cuts in a bathroom

Water damage? No problem!

We Can and Will Help!

If your home or business in Hyde Park, NY, suffers from water damage, don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola team a call today! Our team is always here to help.

Mold growth to ceiling.

Mold Growth On Ceiling

Remediation Services

Hidden water leaks can cause mold infestations to occur seemingly out of nowhere. If you begin to notice discoloration and mold growth in your home in Mineola, NY, you might have water damage. Call our SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola team today!

Air dryer in kitchen.

Powerful Air Movers

Once any standing water and damaged materials such as flooring have been removed, our SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola team can begin drying the property! We use powerful air movers to quickly and efficiently dry your property after a loss.

mold on sheetrock

Mold Damage in Mineola, NY

Mold After Water Damage

When water and storm damage is present, mold is given the perfect breeding ground to multiply.  Our equipment and our crews are standing by to respond immediately to prevent further damages to your property.

SERVPRO team member in attic after smoke damage

Smoke and Soot Damage

Fire Damage Lingers

After any amount of fire damage occurs to your home or business, the after math can be just as stressful. Smoke and soot can impact the structure of your property and your personal belongings. 

ceiling damage on a home

Protection from the Storm

When the storm hits and your home is damaged, we are with you. We at SERVPRO New Hyde Park/Mineola are your neighbors and a part of our community. Let us be your first call to get your home back to pre-storm condition. 

large tree hits roof from storm damage

"Like it never even happened."

Restoration Needs for SERVPRO New Hyde Park/Mineola

When disaster hits we want you and your family to know where to turn! We know that damage caused by storms and weather are never in your families plans. At SERVPRO we want to help make your restoration needs as easy as possible and get your home back "Like it never even happened."

Ceiling damage.

Storm Damage in New Hyde Park

Our SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola team are storm and flood damage cleanup and restoration experts in the New Hyde Park, NY. We have the resources available to ensure your home or business's damage is "Like it never even happened," by the time our green trucks leave your property.

Drying equipment on floor.

Storm Damage Cleanup in Mineola

When it comes to storm damage cleanup and restoration, you can trust that our SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola crew will take care of you from start to finish! We are the leaders in storm and water damage cleanup Mineola, NY, and surrounding areas.

Drying equipment on floor.

Avoid Secondary Damages - Call SERVPRO

A water leak that goes unnoticed or is not handled properly and quickly can result in mold damage as well as other secondary damages. Call SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola for your water damage cleanup and restoration needs in Hyde Park, NY.

Air mover on floor.

Water Cleanup Mineola

Large Water Loss Cleanup in Mineola, NY

Our SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola experts recently responded to a home in Mineola, NY, that had suffered from severe water damage. No size loss is too large for our SERVPRO team to take care of, call us today - (516) 742-1008.

Flood cuts with drying equipment.

Bellerose Water Damage

SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola is the leader in water damage cleanup and restoration in Bellerose, NY. Our experts are highly trained, highly experienced, and highly equipped to handle any size residential and commercial water loss.

Air movers on floor.

Commercial Drying

When your commercial property suffers from water damage, it is important to have a disaster restoration crew on site as quickly as possible to avoid extra damages. SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola is always here to help restore your New Hyde Park, NY, property.

Toilet and flood cuts.

Sewage Cleanup in Floral Park, NY

Do you know who you will call if your home or business in Floral Park, NY, suffers from a sewage loss? SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola is highly trained and experienced in sewage cleanup and restoration. Call us today!

Drying equipment on floor of a Floral Park home.

Water Damage Cleanup in Floral Park, NY

This home is Floral Park, NY, which suffered from a water leak that damaged several rooms across the home. Our SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola crew quickly responded after receiving the call from the homeowners and began the water damage cleanup and restoration process.

Drying equipment on floor.

Water Cleanup in Albertson, NY

A water damage event such as a water leak, a pipe burst, or flooding, can occur when you least expect it and cause substantial damage to your home or business in Albertson, NY. Our SERVPRO team is always here to help.

Commercial cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Services

When it comes to commercial cleaning and sanitation, you can trust our SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola team! We offer commercial disinfection services to any size commercial property in Albertson, NY. Call us today - (516) 742-1008.

Fire damage in commercial kitchen.

Commercial Fire Cleanup

Do you know who you would call in the event of a fire loss on your residential or commercial property in Mineola, NY

Call SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/ Mineola for your fire damage cleanup and restoration needs today.

Flood cuts in hallway.

Water Damage in Hallway

Who do I call for my water cleanup and restoration needs?

The answer is simple, call SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola. Our crew is always on standby and ready to respond to your water damage event.

Equipment set up in a basement.

Water Cleanup in Mineola

This was during the drying process after this basement area suffered from a water loss in Mineola, NY. Our SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola team has the experience and equipment needed to properly and efficiently handle ANY size water cleanup!

Mold growth on wall.

Mold Remediation in Mineola

If you discover a potential mold infestation in your home or business in Mineola, NY our SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola team has the necessary means to ensure that your mold damage is properly remediated. 

Drying equipment set up in kitchen.

Kitchen Water Damage in Mineola

This kitchen in Mineola, NY experienced a water leak that damaged the flooring. Fortunately, the damage wasn't too bad, and our team quickly and efficiently made the water damage seem "Like it never even happened."

Flooded gym with gym equipment.

Commercial Water Damage Event in Gym

Our SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola team is highly trained and experienced in water removal and restoration. No matter how large your water damage event is, our SERVPRO team is always "Here to help!"

SERVPRO team members in full protective gear standing on ladders.

Commercial Mold Damage

When it comes to commercial mold remediation, SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola is the company to call! Our SERVPRO team has the training, experience, and expertise necessary to make your mold damage seem "Like it never even happened."

mud on hardwood flooring

Sewage Loss

This New Hyde Park, NY home was in big trouble after a sewer backup. Our team at SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola rushed to the home to begin assessing the damage and starting the restoration process. 

a piece of green drying equipment on a white floor

Specialized Drying Equipment After Water Damage

Our team is trained to IICRC standards to complete water extraction and restoration to your New Hyde Park, NY home. When water damage strikes, you can count on us to make it "Like it never even happened."

Equipment set up in an empty room.

Water Damage in Mineola

It can be hard to prepare for a water damage event. If your home or business in Mineola, NY suffers from water damage, you can trust that SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola is on standby and ready to help!

Room in a gym with standing water.

Large Water Loss in Mineola Gym

A water loss of any size can bring business to a halt. SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola is highly trained and experienced in water removal and restoration. No matter how big or small your water loss might be, SERVPRO of New Hyde Park is always here to help!

Green equipment set up in room.

Commercial Water Damage Due to a Fire Loss

If your home or business in Hyde Park, NY suffers from a fire loss, it is common to see fire, smoke, and soot damage present on your property. It is also common to see water damage as well due to the fire suppression systems and fire fighting efforts.

Green equipment set up in hallway.

Smoke Damage in Hyde Park, NY

A fire in your Hyde Park, NY home or business can result in fire, soot, and smoke damage. This home in Hyde Park suffered from a small fire loss that resulted in smoke damage to the home. 

Commercial hallway with removed flooring and flood cuts.

Commercial Storm Damage in Mineola, NY

This commercial property in Mineola, NY suffered from water damage as heavy rain and storms pulled through the area. The damaged went unnoticed for hours resulting in irreversible damage to the flooring and part of the walls.

Green drying equipment set up and running in room.

Storm Damage in Mineola, NY

Severe weather in the Mineola, NY area caused severe water damage to this home. Our SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola team quickly arrived at the scene to begin the storm damage cleanup and restoration.

a room with green drying equipment and workers in it

Drying Equipment for Commercial Losses

No matter the size or severity of your loss, SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola is here to help. We have a team on standby 24/7 to respond to water damage emergencies. Call us today! 

white wall with black spots on the ground of a building

Damaged Sheetrock After Water Damage

This sheetrock was damaged after water had set for too long. Our crew removed the damaged materials and began drying the structure. Give our team at SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola a call at the first signs of water damage.

Equipment set up in commercial hallway.

Commercial Fire & Water Damage

This commercial property in Bellrose, NY suffered from fire and water damage. The fire suppression systems caused extensive water damage throughout the property. SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola quickly responded and got to work!

Gym equipment standing in pool of water.

Commercial Water Damage in New Hyde Park, NY

If your commercial property in New Hyde Park, NY suffers from water damage, give SERVPRO of New Hyde Park a call! Our crew is highly trained and experienced in commercial water damage restoration and is always ready to help.

3 pieces of green drying equipment set up in a room with removed flooring and baseboards

Why the Right Equipment is Important

The right equipment can make a world of difference when it comes to water damage restoration in your New Hyde Park home. Our crew at SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola has the right equipment and team to restore your home back to its preloss condition. 

a tarp containment set up in between a doorway in a home

Setting Up Containment

We set up containment in this doorway to ensure the drying time would be as effective and efficient as possible. After water loss, we aim to get you back into your home as quickly as we can! 

someones hand removing insulation from a wall.

Removing Wet Insulation

This insulation had to be removed due to water damage. We ensured the insulation was removed before the water had time to grow secondary damage. SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola is the team to call after water loss

a hallway in a house with removed flooring and green drying equipment set up

Specialized Drying Equipment After Water Damage

Our team has removed the flooring and baseboards of this home to begin the drying process. The key to mitigating water damage is to begin the drying process as quickly as possible. We will make this home look "Like it never even happened." 

Floor full of dirt and water after storm

Getting your floor clean after a storm when is full of dirt and mud can be exhausting especially if you are an elderly person. After trying to clean with things she had around the house, she realized she needed help. We arrived and make the disaster "Like it never even happened."

Roof Collapses after Snow Storm

    During the Winter Storm Stella reports of more than a foot of snow in parts of Long Island. In this case the roof of the house had minor damage that with all the snow that accumulated ended up collapsing.

We clean, dry and restore furniture and items after a storm event.


Laminated flooring damaged by water

The most common cause of edge-warping or buckling in a laminated flooring is water or dampness rising from the subfloor in conjunction with the lack of a sufficient moisture barrier. In this image water penetrated the floor affecting the pad.

The sooner we start cleaning up water damage the sooner you can stop mold from growing under your carpet.

       Call (516) 742-1008

Long Island Coastal flooding

While the snow may not have been nearly as much as predicted, the winter storm that hit Long Island delivered on its promise of coastal flooding in Long Beach.

The City by the Sea saw streets flooding with water as the storm turned from snow to rain. Several streets across the city were underwater, and residents were advised to stay off the roads wherever possible.


Flooding in apartment after storm

   Heavy rains flooded the coastal areas of      Long island. Rain and hurricane force winds were felt at the eastern end of Long Island. On the picture you can observe the marks on the wall that the flood left.

Residents in vulnerable neighborhoods that did not took steps to protect their property ahead of this storm suffered severe damages.

wallpaper peeled back to reveal mold spots

Mold behind wall paper

This is one of the worst things that could happen to anyone. You're ready to do a makeover to your kids room and as soon as you start removing the wallpaper you notice that there is mold.

Remember that any mold is dangerous; some are more dangerous than others.

Close the room or area and call (516) 742-1008 immediately.

red wood floors with white and black spots

Mold under carpet

Don't wait if you have a water emergency in you home. In this example a customer waited too long to address her damp carpet problem. Mold was already growing and had to be treated. 

Kitchen Fire in Long Island, NY

What happens in 2 minutes to 3 minutes after a kitchen fire starts?

     •The fire consumes kitchen cabinets, wood counter tops and shelves stocked with plastic storage containers and dry goods like cardboard boxes of cereal, crackers, and cookies.

    •More and more heat is generated. The temperature in the upper layer of hot gases rises to 400 degrees F—hot enough to kill people.             •The heat concentrates is a very dense smoke cloud hovering just a few feet above the floor. It may also include more toxic components like arsenic (used as a wood preservative) and lead (from old paint), as well as irritants like ammonia.

In case of emergency contact your local fire department and remember we are here to help.

Call us (516) 742-1008

Kitchen Fire Tips

If you suffer from a kitchen fire:

  • If grease catches fire, don’t try to move the pan or pot. Put a metal lid on top of the pan to shut off the oxygen supply to the fire.
  • Never, ever try to put out a grease fire with water. The water can splash and spread drops of burning oil, making the fire even bigger

Our technicians specialize in restoring customers’ belongings that have damages related to water, mold, smoke, and fire. 

      Call (516) 742-1008


Hidden mold in HVAC System

"A analytical HVAC evaluation reported that Staphylococcus aureus, among other pathogens are part of the indoor environment’s bacterial flora in HVAC systems"  

Poor indoor air quality can cause illness requiring absence from staff, and can cause acute health symptoms that decrease their performance while at work. Pollutants are known to produce allergy-like symptoms, coughing, wheezing, watery eyes, asthma type conditions and other symptoms in building occupants.

Let your staff and customers know that you care. Call today (516) 742-1008

MOLD within the HVAC System


What is Staphylococcus aureus?

     Well, S.aureus has long been recognized as one of the most important bacteria that cause disease in humans. It is the leading cause of skin and soft tissue infections.

     Leaving  MOLD SPORES in indoor environments, especially in the HVAC system, might end up complicating indoor air quality.

SERVPRO of New Hyde Park / Mineola  professionals routinely inspect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit (HVAC). Keeping them clean can extend the life of the equipment. This can in turn save you money and give you cleaner air to breath.

Call: (516) 742-1008

Air mover drying wall

This business in New Hyde Park called us immediately after they notice water damaging walls. It was extremely important to dry out the walls as quickly as possible. 

These powerful fans use efficient, yet powerful, motors to create high-velocity airflow that dries water-damaged areas quickly. During operation, an air mover rapidly moves the air around in a space, which heightens the rate of moisture evaporation.

Broken pipe in business

After a pipe burst in this bathroom, it was extremely important to dry out the area as quickly as possible. Prompt drying will not only ensure that this business bathroom could be used promptly, but also reduce the risk of structural damage and inhibit the growth of harmful mold.

Mineola business with water emergency

A line from a refrigerator on this lunch room broke leading water flooding the room and part of the hall during the night. We installed  an air mover and dehumidifier to finish the repair. High-speed air movers create airflow across walls, carpets, pads, and furniture, which accelerates the evaporation of moisture.

Commercial water emergency with rapid response.

Call us immediately  (516) 742-1008

Discovering mold after arriving from vacations

after returning from vacations, this family discovered that the basement was covered in mold. The property had a leak that was unattended during their vacation. Mold was present on basement walls, roof and floor.

Commercial water emergncy

Water pipe broke at this commercial establishment and as any business it needs to keep operating. Client closed the source of water. Mat were removed exposing water damage to the wood. 

Pre Testing Process

We use chemical dry sponges to help the mitigating process of any loss by determining what can be repaired instead of replaced. On a lot of surfaces we try to avoid wet cleaning which often leads to smearing, smuding or staining and can actually do more damage on certain surfaces than the fire did. These thick, porous dry cleaning chemical sponges are used primarily in smoke and soot removal in fire damage jobs. 

Weighted water extractor

One way to make the carpet drying process go faster is by using a weighted extraction system. In this picture our water removal technician is essentially walking throughout the wet area and pressing down into the carpet, where the extraction tool then begins sucking up any water through the vacuum it is attached to, including any water soaked into the carpet’s padding or underlay.

Moisture Meter

Moisture meters are a very helpful tool for detecting the presence of moisture in building materials, and for helping to pinpoint the source of that moisture intrusion, even when the origin point may be out of sight.

This one is showing that the wall has 99.9 % of humidity, meaning that there is water damage in this specific area.

SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola Equipment

SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola is prepared with enough equipment to handle all your situation needs. No job is too big or too small for us. We are just a phone call away. Call us anytime, we are open 24/7  516-742-1008

Floor Mat Drying System

SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola was called to a water damage in a Mineola home.

The water damaged the homeowners wood floor. SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola was able to save that floor from being ripped out by using our floor drying system.

Call SERVPRO of New Hyde Park/Mineola for all your restoration needs. 516-742-1008