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Storm water backing up basement

Storm water backing up In many older houses with basements (mostly pre-1980), there is a perimeter foundation drain outside the exterior wall, at the level of t... READ MORE

What to do after storm damage my floors?

Tips for cleaning your home after water damage Water in unwanted places can cause a lot of damage. Not only can it ruin your prized possessions, but also the ho... READ MORE

How to remove mold

There are two important things to remember about mold: prevent it by doing things right the first time and when you do face mold, take care of it immediately. W... READ MORE

Mold after a Storm

When the power goes off for several days in hot, humid climates, it is difficult to avoid a mold explosion. Molds produce spores that spread easily through the ... READ MORE

Washing Machine Hoses: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

This is a possibility in any household that has a washing machine. We know that many can relate to this case. As this client has done many times before, she p... READ MORE

Coming back after a storm and finding your house like this.

Imagine the scenario. You just left your house, flash flood warnings advise you to leave. You know it has happened before. After a couple of days you come ... READ MORE

Toxic Mold in Mineola, NY

Have you ever wondered why your health might be declining? If you have mold in your house, start there! Any type of mold in a home can cause serious h... READ MORE

Furniture cleaning after storm damage,

A storm can affect your property after flooding, but many items can get damaged by it too. At our New Hyde Park / Mineola we specialize in restoring content... READ MORE

Warehouse water damage

As soon as you have a water damage in your business, you want to get back to normal operations as soon as possible. That was the case with this business. Its a... READ MORE

Flooded Library in Medford,NY

This Elementary Private School had a water leak on their roof that provoked water damage to their Library. Part of the ceiling was affected and water flooded th... READ MORE