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Electronics With Serious Smoke Damage Require Professional Cleaning

9/17/2020 (Permalink)

Electronics damaged with smoke, on the middle of the picture it says ELECTRONIC WITH SMOKE DAMAGE How does smoke damage electronics

How To Adress Electronics After Fire Damage

A small fire in South Floral Park, NY, can potentially produce a surprising amount of smoke damage. High heat actually tends to reduce smoke, so smoldering fires are terrible for a home. Smoke has some awful components to it that are a serious hazard, including

Toxic chemicals
Fine particulate matter

Your fire cleanup plan must include addressing electronics exposed to smoke. If the damage to any electronics is widespread or heavy, they’ll need professional restoration.

Don’t Turn It On!
Any device exposed to smoke should never be turned on. Soot can be electrically conductive, and the tiniest piece – even too small to be seen with the unaided eye – can create a short in most modern electronics.
Some smoke can also create a magnetic charge. Acids in the residue are famous for eating into insulation. In many cases, an unpowered device can be completely restored in a fire cleanup. However, the instant power is applied, you’ll potentially destroy the entire item.

That Smoke Smell
The reason smoke smells so acrid is because of the unnatural substances created by heating items beyond their tolerance. While even items without a smell can have some toxic residue, if it smells like it’s been coated, it’s dangerous to handle.
Many byproducts of the fire include carcinogens that, when inhaled, directly increase a person’s risk of some cancers. The soot and residue must be removed carefully, though, since electronics also hate moisture.

Smoke Cleanup Is Challenging
The soot and oils left after a fire are incredibly tenacious. Normal cleaning methods tend to just smear them around, hardly absorbing anything.
This is why your local fire cleanup company is so important to saving electronics. They use custom solvents that penetrate the residue, bonding with oils and floating soot, allowing them to be wiped away.
Smoke damage can also penetrate deeply into any electronics not fully sealed against water damage. It creeps into any available crevice and is horrendously destructive for internal electronics. In many cases, they must be opened by an electronics expert and whisked away with custom tools.

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