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3 Steps To Preparing Your Business for Flooding

8/27/2022 (Permalink)

Flood insurance form Generally, flood insurance will cover the cost of harm to your property.

Steps To Recover After A Flooding

Heavy rainfall, extreme snow and ice melt, nearby bodies of water overflowing, or sewer issues can all result in big issues for your business in Bellrose, NY. No matter the cause, flooding can be catastrophic without proper preparation. Here are three steps to get your business ready when the water starts to rise.

Plan Ahead
Flooding can occur quickly, giving you little time to react. It's best to be prepared in advance so that you can act at a moment's notice. Make a plan of action and share it with your employees. Discuss exit plans for them and how to assist customers that may be in the business when disaster strikes. Create an emergency kit with necessary supplies:

  • Battery-powered or crank radio
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries
  • Whistle
  • Non-perishable food and water
  • Manual can opener
  • Small tool kit
  • Cell phone chargers
  • List of emergency numbers

Buy Insurance
In some areas, flood damage is more likely. If you live in a flood zone you should invest in insurance that covers this damage specifically. Generally, flood insurance will cover the cost of harm to your property caused by excess water entering the area, which your standard insurance may not allow for. This can help you to mitigate the costs of professional storm damage restoration after a flood, especially if you are dealing with dangerous black water.

Move Valuables
When storms are in the forecast, you should start to think about what kind of impacts they may have on your business. Move any valuables to the highest possible area in the building. Important documents, photos, cash and any other important items that will be destroyed by water need to be placed in a secure location.
Storms can be scary and dangerous and can severely impact your bottom line. Feel better about your ability to recover after flooding occurs by following these steps.

How and Why to Avoid Driving on Flooded Roads

8/27/2022 (Permalink)

White van driving through flooded street Driving through floodwaters could damage your vehicle or cause injury

Driving through floodwaters could damage your vehicle or cause injury, so brake and reevaluate when you encounter a flooded street.

Risks of Driving Through Flood Waters

Failure to heed the above warning could cause the following:

  • You may stall out, temporarily leaving you stranded. Repeated attempts at restarting could trigger engine failure.
  • Your automobile may suffer from a loss of power steering, warped brake rotors or an electrical shortage, all of which means costly repairs.
  • If water levels rise higher than your tire’s mid-point, your car could become washed away.
  • In the event you lose control, your car could flip over or crash, potentially causing injury to you or another.

If you absolutely must drive along a flooded street, reduce your risk by going as slowly as possible. Begin no faster than two miles per hour and then slightly accelerate to prevent your engine from flooding.

Avoiding Flood Waters
Never go anywhere without your phone, always making sure it’s properly charged. Doing so will help you steer clear of waterlogged streets if weather suddenly shifts. Use Google Maps to automatically check for natural disaster zones by utilizing its “crisis notification card” feature. Certain smartphone apps devoted to providing helpful travel tips can also aid travelers in avoiding flooded roads. Alternatively, driver assistance services such as OnStar allow you to simply press a button and inform the operator where you live. Then, let the path to your destination in New Hyde Park, NY, conveniently beamed to your GPS be your guide.
If ever you feel anxious to check that your house has not flooded, resist the urge to drive through rising waters. Remain calm and remember that damage to your home can be repaired through hiring a water restoration specialist.
Encountering a flooded street is a perilous situation, so never risk harming your car, yourself or anyone else by attempting to cross. Let common sense guide you in seeking alternative routes.

Planning Key to Fire Preparedness

8/27/2022 (Permalink)

clothing pin holding a note that says TIME TO PLAN Having a contingency plan will better ensure a safe evacuation

A lot goes into ensuring your New Hyde Park, NY, is successful and thriving. Along with all the operational sides, the building itself also needs to be considered. If a fire breaks out, having a contingency plan will better ensure a safe evacuation and a process in place to address the fire damage and restoration of the structure and its contents.

Plan Ahead

A fire is an unexpected event, so it can be overwhelming when it occurs. Minimize the potential for panic amid the chaos by creating an evacuation plan. Although every business is different, the following are key components that should be included:

  • Create a map of the building, including emergency exits, fire extinguisher locations and escape routes.
  • Establish a clear chain of command for an emergency, including assigning detailed tasks to different individuals.
  • Acknowledge any special consideration for employees or visitors with disabilities or other conditions.
  • Determine a safe meeting place outside the building to convene and conduct a headcount.
  • Develop a communication plan to notify customers of the disaster.
  • While people come first, data safeguards should be in place to maintain access to critical data.
  • All aspects of the plan need to be documented and distributed to ensure everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency.

Conduct Training and Drills
Even if you have already established a contingency plan, it only works if it has been properly communicated. Knowledge is power, so ensure the people in your organization know the proper procedures. Like in school, it is essential to conduct fire drills to ensure that understanding and provide everyone a sense of calm that they will know how to handle a difficult situation. It is also important to factor in first aid training. If someone is injured, is there someone on-site that can assist? Consider conducting training throughout the year.
While a fire may be unavoidable, be prepared by having a contingency plan can help ensure the safety of everyone.

5 Reasons You Might Have Mold

7/29/2022 (Permalink)

Mold growth on a wall behind a bed Black mold beside bedroom wall in New Hyde Park, NY.

Don't Let Black Mold Invade Your Home

Mold is a persistent organism that can grow just about anywhere in your New Hyde Park, NY, home. Black mold is much more likely to appear in areas that come into frequent contact with water, or places that have just suffered some form of water damage. If you're unsure what exactly is causing your mold problem, you might want to look into the following possible causes.

1. Your Home's Humidity Is too High.
Higher humidity levels can lead to a buildup of condensation, that eventually causes mold growth. This additional moisture in the air can become trapped in your carpeting, walls, ceilings and other locations. You can prevent this issue by ventilating your home properly or investing in a dehumidifier.

2. You Left Damp Items Inside.
Chances are, you've forgotten to hang up a load of laundry after washing at least once or twice. While this is an easy mistake, it can have potentially disastrous consequences. Black mold only needs about 24 hours to begin growing, meaning that the pile of damp clothes you left out for a day or two could be the root of your issue.

3. Your Roof Is Leaking.
Smaller leaks are easily overlooked, but that doesn't mean that they can't wreck havoc on your home. The water that seeps in through the leak can become trapped in your ceiling or attic, eventually resulting in a moisture problem that causes unwanted mold growth.

4. You Recently Suffered a Home Flood.
Flooding, unfortunately, coincides with plenty of secondary damage. You might think that your problems are over after you clean up the water, but the mold issues have only just begun. It's a good idea to contact mold cleanup professionals, as well as flood remediation experts, whenever your home suffers extreme water damage.

5. You Have a Leaky Pipe.
Along with driving your water bill through the roof, a leaky pipe can cause disastrous amounts of mold damage. It doesn't take a ton of additional moisture to invite mold growth, so that persistent drip might be more dangerous than you think.
Don't let black mold invade your home. Contact mold remediation professionals immediately after you discover the problem.

What Is Mold Containment and Why Is It So Important?

7/24/2022 (Permalink)

Mold Quarantine Mold containment in Bellerose, NY.
Running a business in Bellerose, NY, is a complicated dance of trying to eke out a profit while conforming to numerous local, state and federal laws. According to OSHA, “employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace for their employees.” This includes any mold removal necessary to keep the indoor mold count at an acceptable level.

What Is Black Mold?

Molds are a type of fungus and are a critical part of the natural decay process. Most types of fungus are happiest outside, growing on their preferred food source and breaking it down into constituent nutrients.
Black mold is different. It prefers to grow inside, especially in human-built structures. Actually, black mold may be any of three colors:

  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Green

It’s typically shiny, and it loves to grow on porous materials with a lot of cellulose in them. Wood and drywall are perhaps its two favorite foods.

Why Does It Need to Be Removed?
Mold removal is never about completely eliminating mold spores from the air. Outside of specialized and expensive lab equipment, nothing’s going to completely purify air – even inside.
However, once a colony of mold gets established inside, it eats away at the material it sits on, reproducing itself and potentially spreading throughout a building. Amongst other issues, it can destroy building materials and leave unsightly stains.

What Is Containment?
Explosive mold growth happens when it has a favorable surface and excessive humidity. When a qualified mold remediation company discovers it growing in your business, they’ll immediately contain the area to prevent further spread.
This is typically done using a few professional tricks, including

  • Custom air movers
  • Physical barriers
  • Negative air pressure

Also, they’ll turn off your heating and air conditioning system to further obstruct airflow. Next, they’ll locate all the hidden colonies and destroy them using unique sanitizers that also help prevent future growth.
Once the mold removal is done, they can locate the cause of excess humidity and begin the restoration process. This is designed to leave your business looking just like it did before you had mold.

What Should You Do if You Find a Leak Under Your Kitchen Sink?

7/13/2022 (Permalink)

Kitchen sink leaking Check the cabinet below the sink for leaking.

What to Do if You Discover a Leak Under Your Kitchen Sink?

If you spot a leak under the kitchen sink in your Floral Park, NY home, you may worry about a costly kitchen repair. Flooding should always be handled right away by a water damage repair expert. If the leak is small and contained, finding the source of the water will help to determine the best solution.

Supply Valve Leak
Many leaks can be found at the shutoff valves and the connecting tubing. Most supply tubes have valves built-in which fasten onto the water supply pipes.

Wipe off the tubing and valves with a paper towel. A wet towel will indicate that you have located the leak.
Carefully tighten the nut on the valve to see if that stops the leak. If it doesn't, the valve may need to be replaced.
To prevent the risk of flooding, call a plumber if you don't have the proper experience.

Drain Leak
Fill the kitchen sink with water. While the water drains, wipe the outside of the piping that connects the sink to the wall. If the paper towel gets wet, you have located the leak. The slip joint may just need to be realigned or tightened carefully. If the joint still leaks, call a plumber to assess the situation.

Basin Leak
Water can sometimes leak through the space between the countertop and the basin. To check for a basin leak, pour a small amount of water around the rim of the basin. Check the cabinet below the sink for leaking. Removing the old caulk and applying new caulk to the entire rim area may stop the leak. The fasteners under the rim that attach it to the countertop may also need to be tightened.
To reduce the risk of water in a home, find that leak before flooding occurs. If you can't stop or locate the leak with these simple fixes, it's time to call a professional.

3 Ways To Get Cigarette Smoke Out of Your Home

6/25/2022 (Permalink)

Ozone generator The best way to remove smoke from your home is with an ozone machine.

Three Methods for Getting Cigarette Smoke Out of Your House

Cigarette smoke is one of the most pervasive smells out there, and once it gets onto something, it can be hard to remove it. Instead of masking odors with air fresheners, use these three methods to remove the cigarette smells from your Mineola, NY, home.

1. Use a Home Deodorization Ozone Machine
The best way to get rid of the smoke smell is to clean the air in your home. You can do this with an ozone machine. The ozone machine uses an electric discharge to split oxygen molecules into single atoms, creating ozone. The atoms then attach themselves to the organic compounds in the air - the compounds producing the smells - and neutralize them. If the ozone machine doesn't get rid of the smells, contact an odor removal service to help remedy the situation. 

2. Wipe Down All Surfaces
Because of how fine it is, smoke can easily find its way into every nook and cranny in your home. So, as part of your home deodorization journey, you need to deep clean every surface that has been in contact with the smoke. Steam clean floors and upholstery that have smoke on them. Use a half water/half distilled vinegar mixture and wipe down bookcases, tables and walls. The vinegar smell will dissipate when the mixture dries. 

3. Clean Your HVAC Unit
The air filter in your HVAC system is designed to catch particles and clean the air in your home, which means you could be continually adding to the smoke smell when you don't regularly change the filter. Purchase the strongest filter your HVAC unit can handle and change it every few weeks while you're working to remove the smoke smell from your home. Also, contact an HVAC maintenance company to clean the ducts in your home and remove any lingering smells that might be trapped inside them. 
Your home deodorization process might take some time, but you can have your home smelling great in no time with some hard work and dedication. 

How To Prevent Mold in Your Home After Flooding: 3 Steps

6/14/2022 (Permalink)

Hole and mold growth on a ceiling Water damage led to mold growth in a home in New Hyde Park, NY.

How To Prevent Mold Growth After a Flood

When floods occur due to powerful storms in New Hyde Park, NY, they can wreak havoc on your home, especially when it comes to mold growth. This is a common problem in the wake of strong floods because of the moisture and high humidity that floodwaters cause. However, you can prevent mold from taking hold inside your home by following a few preventive tips after the water event occurs.

1. Remove Humidity From Affected Areas
When flooding occurs indoors, the high humidity can cause mold to form on walls and other surfaces rapidly. Most species form within 24-48 hours of the flood because mold only requires humidity and moisture to take hold. You can reduce humidity in any affected rooms by opening windows and running fans. Use electric fans with caution and keep them well away from wet objects.

2. Remove Wet Items If Possible
Some porous items tend to absorb water and encourage rapid mold growth, so removing them from the flooded area can help reduce the risk. Paper, fabrics and certain types of wood are all more likely to experience mold issues, so removing them as soon as possible can help. Avoid entering deep floodwaters and call in a flood remediation and restoration company for assistance instead.

3. Avoid DYI Mold Removal Techniques
You may believe you can remove mold from flood-ravaged areas of your home with household cleaners, such as bleach, but this may not be effective. Many of these cleaners contain a large percentage of water, which may only encourage mold growth once used. Allowing experienced mold technicians and their cleanup tools can ensure that any mold caused by a flood will not return.
When floods affect your New Hyde Park, NY, home, the humidity, and moisture may encourage mold that can be difficult to eliminate. Knowing how to prevent growth after a flood can save you time and allow you to salvage your family's belongings.

Document Drying: What Is It and Why Choose SERVPRO

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

Wet documents Document restoration can be performed only by professionals.

When you experience a fire, flood, or other emergencies in Bellerose, NY, you'll need to act quickly to restore damaged documents. Whether the damage is caused by mold, smoke, or water, restoration of paper goods should happen as soon as the deterioration has occurred. Look for a leader in document and photo restoration, with many locations throughout the United States.

What Is Document Restoration?

Restoration and recovery of documents, photographs, and other important items made from paper is a method that revitalizes the items back to their initial state. In this way, not only can the original owner have possession of the document, but for generations to follow.
Some things that you may want to be restored when damaged are:

  • Maps and property records
  • Historical and family lineage records
  • Personal vital records

Not every article of paper is converted to digital and future eras may want to have access to articles of importance no matter their ability to gain permission to view them online. Let your future lineage see what is important to you now.

When searching for quality cleaning and document restoration, you want a company that knows where it came from and where it is going. A trained team and experience in specialty services can help you sort the professionals from the amateur. Many commercial companies charge exorbitant fees, but a well-established business can save you costs and get better outcomes. Technology that is state-of-the-art is preferred to older, less reliable methods of document drying. Go to a name you can trust to restore new life to your paper articles.
The longer your essential documents sit unrestored, the more likely there is extra damage beyond repair. Document restoration, when attended to swiftly, can restore any archived items to as close to the original, before damage condition. Emergencies in Bellerose, NY, can be handled efficiently when the proper documents are restored and refreshed. 

3 Reasons Why Mold Might Form in Your Business Property’s HVAC System

5/27/2022 (Permalink)

Dust in air duct Keep your air ducts clean.

Three Reasons Mold Could Form in Your Commercial HVAC System

Protecting your Floral Park, NY, business from a mold invasion can be challenging, especially when it hides in places you least expect. Black mold is usually the most common and most widespread type of mold you might encounter, especially in your building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. This might seem strange, as the system is enclosed by ductwork, but there are several reasons why mold might form there.

1. The Humid Environment
Your building’s HVAC system is a complicated maze of air ducts that foster a warm, humid environment, which is the perfect setting for mold growth. Most kinds of fungi thrive in such a setting, and if your building is naturally humid, this may only increase the problem. Taking steps to decrease moisture can lower the risk of mold growth in your HVAC ducts.

2. Incorrect AC Unit Size
When your air conditioner is either too large or too small for the building it cools, it can encourage mold growth. For example, a system that is too large may run in shorter cycles and fail to dehumidify the building’s air, which may increase moisture in the ductwork. Many types of fungi, including black mold, can thrive when this occurs. Over time, you may notice a musty, unpleasant smell when you use the system as the growth spreads and grows larger.

3. Duct Leaks
If your building’s HVAC ducts have leaks, this can allow warm air to seep in and meet with the colder air inside the system, which creates a moist environment where mold can grow. Calling in a mold mitigation and removal service to clean ducts and repair the leakage may improve the way your system operates and reduce the risk of mold growth.
Black mold and other types of fungi in your HVAC system can have a negative impact on your Floral Park, NY, business. Knowing what might cause this problem can help you prevent and recognize it so you can reach out for help before it gets worse.